Is Creationism Taking Us Into a New Dark Age?

Are we at the threshold of a new age where the advances of Science may be ridiculed, hindered and even outlawed?

Supported by the Church through the Dark Ages, Ptolemy’s model helped prevent the advance of astronomy for a millennium.
“Cosmos” (Random House – New Edition – 1980, 2002)

In pointing to the Church’s suppression of the discoveries of astronomers the likes of Copernicus and Galileo, Carl Sagan alluded to an even greater darkness that engulfed humanity during the Dark Ages. By replacing the enlightenment achieved throughout previous millennia with fear and intolerance, medicine, the arts and sciences and any number of advancements were prevented from flourishing by the Inquisition and opposition even by the Protestant Church. It was a time of darkness, not only spiritually but environmentally. The use of medicinal herbs was largely condemned as witchcraft, so that the vast cornucopia of cures now at our disposal were left hidden in earth’s ecosystem for a thousand years. Common people were taught superstition in place of fact.
This is not unlike what modern Creationists are promoting today. By writing new laws that criminalize issues that have long since been addressed, a person’s sexual preference, the teaching of evolution in the classroom, the government’s responsibility to the poor, the separation of church and state and the maintaining the balance of power in government among others, we are in danger of deadening the minds of future generations to the huge accomplishments in thought, medicine and technology achieved in modern times, along with that lost during the first Dark Age.
By insisting on practicing the teachings of a book written during the earliest period of man’s history and pitting it against the weight of centuries of learned reason and common sense, Creationists are unwittingly attempting to plunge western society into a new Dark Age.



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