The Woodcock’s Crow

the woodcock crows
at the break of dawn
but no one’s there
to listen

hark hark ye
hear my plea
it sings
but no one
gives a care

then one day
the woodcock’s crow
was silenced! by a
poison in the air
(a silent deadly mist
that rose above
the factories
of despair)

they lingered
without a thought
to human life
and crowded out
the atmosphere

beware beware
the woodcock crowed!
as his life-lungs
shooked and coughed

(he falls to the ground
and stillness takes him)
like a frozen corpse

suddenly a figure
approaches in the dark
what is this chicken
I find laying here?
he asks (it is the keeper
of the flame)
a worthless bird
of dubious fame
I take it!  a waif
in a world of connections!

I would not hear
his cry
for he had
no proper
if a statesman
or priest were he
perhaps then
I’d have listened!

but silence
is the word he spoke
far as I’s
a silence
only some have heard
(they shudder
in the dark)
for me the sweet sound
of success

(for with his death
comes my release)
my freedom to continue
as I please
in this
course of exploitation
earth’s destruction
and disease!

he laughs
but suddenly
he coughs

ah, he feigns relief
and shrugs
why it’s only


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