Photography by VisualLemon @DeviantArt

Photography by VisualLemon

        I used to think to live like the Ancients, with their intricate rituals, I had to follow the philosophies of the East. But I have seen in my wife, who is of Chinese origin, a mystic quality I suspect is inherited. I note her quiet aura as she takes tea, meditating so as not to hurt the life-spirit of the moment, and not drink from the bottom of the cup, as if sacred.
        I sit with her, watching closely, intrigued. I finish the last bite of the sesame cookie as I take my last sip of tea.

the crooked picture
on the wall
never moves. . .
until a hand reaches
to touch it
(then it straightens

        In Quantum Mechanics, the ghost-photons of matter match the real world, but are not there (unless we look for them). Are we really just particles propelled through Time, floating in a holographic sea—until some random event causes us to become reality?

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An American Haiku

last day of harvest at the cloud farm by Curious3d

to the sound
of falling snow
or mountain brook

spoken to
the open road
tractors and the

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