Photography by VisualLemon @DeviantArt

Photography by VisualLemon

        I used to think to live like the Ancients, with their intricate rituals, I had to follow the philosophies of the East. But I have seen in my wife, who is of Chinese origin, a mystic quality I suspect is inherited. I note her quiet aura as she takes tea, meditating so as not to hurt the life-spirit of the moment, and not drink from the bottom of the cup, as if sacred.
        I sit with her, watching closely, intrigued. I finish the last bite of the sesame cookie as I take my last sip of tea.

the crooked picture
on the wall
never moves. . .
until a hand reaches
to touch it
(then it straightens

        In Quantum Mechanics, the ghost-photons of matter match the real world, but are not there (unless we look for them). Are we really just particles propelled through Time, floating in a holographic sea—until some random event causes us to become reality?

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    • Exactly! I wrote this and the related Quantum Zen in 2001. Paul Davies’ God and the New Physics came out in 1983. This concept is relatively old. I’d like to do an updated piece to add what has seen a lot of research since, quantum ‘entanglement’, into the equation.

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  1. It’s a fascinating subject. Most people don’t open their eyes at all and stumble through life thinking someone is pulling their puppet strings. This way they don’t have to be responsible for anything. But what sad little lives they have, waiting to die so they can be happy in a mansion and forget to be happy today. So sad.

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