Coyotl – A Night in the Mezcal Desert

hexs warlock coyotle by davicomodo

southwest central
a glow of white feathery stars
light a van Gogh sky

a coyote dances with scorpions
spins dust trails as he nips and snarls
teeth bared in dog play


Dance in the Morgue

third eye iv by ephynephryn

third eye iv by ephynephryn

I flashed horror
at the dance in the morgue
sacks of flesh torn and wobbled
bent lopsided smothered
by the ancient “ahor”

I swallowed my screams
and recited Wolfe’s mantras
while clown pranksters
told incoherent jokes
by the light of
acid washed

Infinite Energy

The Sea's Yours by SybLaTortue

The Sea’s Yours by SybLaTortue

infinite energy
of electric cars
gasoline weed trimmers
coal fired suburban
steam punk
forces survivors
to dwell in mud huts
watch African sunsets
under smog darkened skies
row Polynesian longboats
on seas of floating



Paranoia by Vlad-Off-kru

for Anthony

nights spent
in a panicked rush
of exploding fear

choking terrors
caused stuttered breathing
frozen trembling
stolen by the silver darkness
sought warmth in prayer
but remorse brought
no relief

you found
strength in self
gained absolution
got the Pope’s blessing
became a fearless warrior prince
and recited feathered mantras
in your woken dreams

I lost you

The Imagination of Dreams

no steam by kingabrit
no steam by kingabrit

I woke up with the sun in my face. I got up. I went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth. I made breakfast and ate eggs that tasted like onions. I drank coffee and stared out the window. I sorted through the images left from my sleep and separated them from the events of the day before. Slowly, they began to make sense.

I dreamed I stood on a mountain and threw off the shackles that bound me. I dreamed I kissed an angel. Her lips felt like feathers. Her arms encircled me. I was angry, but I didn’t know why. My heart raced. The clouds moved slowly. The world spun like a wheel. I was delirious. I stumbled and fell, but I couldn’t feel pain. My father, who died when I was fifteen years old, caught me as I dropped to the ground. His arms were strong. I was weak. He taught me how to fly.

“Why didn’t I die?” I asked my mother. Her answer was upsetting. Continue reading

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