Infinite Energy

The Sea's Yours by SybLaTortue

The Sea’s Yours by SybLaTortue

infinite energy
of electric cars
gasoline weed trimmers
coal fired suburban
steam punk
forces survivors
to dwell in mud huts
watch African sunsets
under smog darkened skies
row Polynesian longboats
on seas of floating


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    • Thanks, Daniel. I’m happy you notice the effort I took with this one. It’s part of a compilation. I’m breaking it into bits to engage the American Haiku theme of my blog. Haiku based on the thought impression rather than the syllabic meter. It’s in the same vein as Schnee’s Analects. Thought pictures. I’m afraid I’ve corrupted the overall poem – the Machine of Civilization – by cutting it up into bite sized pieces, but the entire suite will sing once I publish it standalone. Some of the verses even have different outcomes in the original, in order to complete the larger image of the whole.

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      • i think bit sized is a better way to go about it, that way people engage more i feel. if you dump a large text in one swoop, you run the risk of people growing agitated. perhaps when you’ve done it as a series you could do a post with the whole thing in one place.
        Schee’s Analects of Naneun are brilliant. i was very impressed by them a cornucopia of a matters to influence us in those taut bundles of energy.

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