In the Sensorial

time by vive-le-rock

time by vive-le-rock

Life is the moment
Pleasure is
the clock

Special thanks go to Daniel Paul Marshall.


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  1. i agree with the first clause but as to whether “pleasure is the clock that tick tocks” i’ll have to give that some consideration. it seems to me a pleasant thing, is itself experienced in the immediacy of now. is the image of the clock in the positive or the negative?

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    • It’s ‘as life is lived in the moment, each pleasure ticks away at our existence.’ It is more a play on tonality than sense. I thought of turning it around, but pleasure is the moment, life is the clock made no sense to me at all.
      I’m curious, what method do you use to interpret something like this? Is there a system? I’m reading Dylan Thomas at the moment and was having difficulty with his imagery. The prologue’s explanation of his use of internal rhyme helped me understand his writing as sounds and cadence more than symbolism or message.

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      • Oddly life as the clock ticking away & pleasure as the moment makes more sense to me.
        Dylan Thomas is a tough one. i read that Hegelian dialectics is the main scaffold of his poems, there is a thesis, antithesis & synthesis but that the synthesis was actually a deconstruction of sense to encourage bafflement. Many don’t realise Thomas was a Marxist & wrote some articles in a Swansea newspaper with the encouragement of a friend & Marxist thinker, but his stubbornness for individuality forbade him from allowing himself to become too involved. Thomas’s obscurity seems to stem from a puerile will to utter originality whatever the cost to a clear meaning. I personally read it as an experience. Especially lines like ‘And broken ghosts with glow-worms in their head, / The things of light / File through the flesh where no flesh decks the bone. All monosyllables except ‘broken’ & yet it is an entirely new image you’d find no where else. After reading Thomas i drastically reduced my use of trisyllables in poems.

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  2. Pleasure is made of existing moments in time that passes by – tick tock It’s like when you’re having a great time, how quickly time passes by.

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