Do not question why we are here,
only answer it.


all wisdom
(every secret)
unlocked will open
the most stubborn door

nothing is fast
in real-time


we admire
Renoir’s opulence
Van Gogh’s pain
taste eternity
in their work

express their lives
so we recognize ours


a wind blew
and made a whisper
the house woke up to rest
the sun shone from the horizon
clouds formed


you fear strange words
will escape your lips
so you quit talking

do not question
an inner motive
only to find it lacking

let the milk of life touch you
for it will only curdle into ash


is worthless
joined with anxiety
it becomes obsolete
for it lends itself to anger
which goes the way
of worry

you discover by the limits of reason
how limitless is reason


a notion
stirs within you and cannot rest
you search for sleep
and cannot find it

the fertile ground of twilight
between wakefulness and sleep
bears the children of your thoughts

dreams make
a day’s experience
no wonder
are so easy
to believe

we listen
to the weather
plan our lives
and stay indoors
while the sun shines


a newborn
opens its eye
for the first time
and looks in yours
with understanding:
she will teach you
to love the person
not the infant
you raised

we learn
from a child
the things as children
we ignored

we run into burning buildings
to save our sons and daughters
duty bound as heroes

we beg for the attentions of a father not knowing
tho’ dead our fathers are within reach


past conflicts
were decisive
today’s are slow
they leave things unsettled:
many men spend their lives
in the shadow of war

the fear of death
is a motivation for war
it brings out man’s greatest passions
a sport we practice
tho’ never master


do not give up the senses:
accept a garden of pleasure
as your place

no answer to sickness
except to endure:
life continues
the wretched will suffer

there is in everything
an understanding
removed of itself


19 responses

  1. The opening line is impressive, do not question but answer, that works for me.
    i can’t quite roll with the rest, it feels too remote for me to understand perhaps. i think it works for some, i am sure many. But the force of that opening line is, phew.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the feedback. They’re bits and pieces of thoughts and notes I had during a relatively active period in my writing. It has evolved quite a bit from its original form. Transparencies, I call them.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This is a fantastic culmination of wisdom. Each line carries so much weight, each stanza its own life lesson. “Artists express their lives so we recognize ours” was one of my favourites, but there were many. I’m really starting to regret not checking your blog out sooner.

    Liked by 2 people

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