On the Road to Satori – Tucumcari

it’s a lovely day tomorrow by BWS


just outside Tucumcari
at a gas station
bar and grill

the attendant
in Levi jacket and jeans
pulls a lid from behind the counter
says twenty bucks

reminds me of workers
I met in New York
who were from Chile
wore cowboy boots
and red bandannas
and spoke so colloquial
they could barely understand
when I spoke Nuyorican

I listen to the jukebox
soft guitars and fiddles
old 30’s western sound of
hobos travelin’ singin’
songs in Spanish!
“Is this what you guys
listen to out here?”
the guy says “Yeah

he doesn’t get it
this stuff is not
on the radio
back East
this stuff
is precious

as I write I realize
I never got to hear
that music again


2 responses

    • It was a moment. They sounded like a Woody Guthrie and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott duet with the gut string guitars and mandolins. Very pretty. I was deeply into American folk singers back then and thought I’d be hearing more of this Spanish version as I dug my way deeper into the West. A wide-eyed dreamer I was. Never heard anything like it again. Trio Los Panchos was close, but definitely not the sound of the American Southwest.

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