On the Road to Satori – Koch


on the road – hitchhiker by s0s2


the weather
is bound to clear up by Florida
I think as I sit in some sterile diner:
what New Jersey must be like all over
eating pie a-la mode and black coffee
a-la Kerouac


I stick out my thumb and say to myself
“I’m on the road and all I’ve got is time and that concrete ribbon
to guide me to Heaven” (in some metaphorically eastern way)

Florida will be sunshine and palm trees
maybe by Friday if the rides come quick
and I don’t find me standing on a highway ramp
for eight hours like that time in Chicago
with Koch

I partnered up with Koch
on a previous cross-country journey
just outside of Reno for the ride back East
we watched the Northern Lights in Utah
braved a blizzard through Wyoming—
after all that—ended up in Chicago
stranded in cold freezing rain

no mischievous grin
from those Chicago drivers
only that hollow
go-to-hell! look
and the finger

or Looky-Loos who rubberneck
the freaks on the side of the road getting drenched
“ha ha, who left you out there anyway? and why don’t
somebody get them out of the rain? and don’t think
I’m gonna give you a ride!”

finally in Florida—the weather is beautiful
on this December night or November (I think
it was actually October) the moon bright
filled with white billowy clouds
that drift across the sky in time-lapse
so that I feel like I float in twilight
on a ramp near the 76 Union Truck Stop in Jacksonville
I sing to myself:

“Old Jack on the road
how many places
many people you’ve known
Old Jack
he just answers
“It’s Heaven
my son
my son”


4 responses

  1. All of your “On the Road…” verse brings out vivid images of a world not too far in the past…but this one in particular covered quite a few of my old stomping grounds so now I can say with authority that you captured it perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I can see the ghost of Kerouac in between your words. Very cool…

    I use to live in St. Petersburg where he died and I imagined which streets he must have walked. And how it must have been for him in those days.

    Liked by 1 person

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