The Pneumatic Steampunk Doorway – The Edison Inferno


the Edison Inferno


several machinists
enter the tool-room
in search of the “lost panacea” (the cure-all
for the convulsions of an ailing steam plant)

some have found an intermittent remedy
while still others have thrown up their hands
agonized by the frustrations inherent
to yet another day at
the Edison inferno

…downwind from the plant the populace gags
as they rise from their overnight torpor
grinning back at their dreams
shuddering at their expectations
of yet one more day
under “the cloud”

peeking out from behind drawn drapes
they catch a glimpse of the behemoth
spewing hot ash and destruction
defying the very space that contains it
challenging even the logic that created it

the brainchild of economic woebegone
genius of failing energy resource
the Baby Huey of engineering

with its centipede-like army
of technicians

welding and wiring
patching up the lifelines that feed the beast
maintaining the flow of precious sludge
that nourishes
fires it

a formula
masterminded by mad chemists
in a downtown Los Angeles

brought by hundreds of miles
of steel pipeline from coal mines
in New Mexico

or is it Colorado? anyway
from someplace very far away
—into its hollow
iron guts

with a roar
a belch
and a sputter
life emerges from
the belly of the beast

hot glowing coal is ignited
seared and scorched sending
superheated water through
ribs and arteries of cold
rolled titanium steel

to where through the ferocious manipulation
of mechanical valves and injectors
it is channeled

into the waiting turbines

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