I ran across this post from January that I had previously liked very much. It touched on something very dear to me—the plight of immigrants and minorities who are threatened in the present “Neo-Democracy” that is promising to reshape our country into a form it has not seen since before the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s. It is longer than anything I’ve posted recently, but please take the time to read it through. It would be difficult to find better words of advocacy for the hard work of the people that built this country and their plight today. ~Pablo Cuzco

Posted on January 26, 2017 by Holistic Wayfarer

rd.com June 2014

rd.com June 2014

Deeply troubled by the reports of violence against the Jews in Europe, Gil Kraus decided to rescue children from the clutches of Nazi Germany. His posh home and successful law practice in Philadelphia were treasures he could let go. Even with two kids, 13 and 9 – and perhaps because of them – he was willing to confront danger for families suffering terror. His wife Eleanor, won over to his vision, prepared affidavits from people who signed on to help support the kids financially. When she Continue reading

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