The Carnival – The Anthem of the Dove



Walking down streets and empty harbors of the city;
I look for an answer; one is nowhere to be found.

A sound reaches from behind broken storefront windows
a sound that echoes in the emptiness:

“Hello,”—a voice soft and gentle.
“Hello, what are you doing here?”

But, I have searched through tome and printed page
to find the answer to that question; I found nothing but despair.

While words fell like curtains from the page in candlelight,
I’ve found nothing to guide me.

And I have tried to catch the rainbow in my hand;
for a pot of gold— knowledge more than riches.

A barren dream is what I earned—
a cauldron full of wishes—a worthless treasure chest of emptiness.

(A dove flew past my window in the morning.
It cooed a song, a soft ‘hello’.)

And tho’ I felt the sun warm roses yellow on the bough
in the distance I heard thunder.

The dove became a hawk;
and the thunder tolled (and answers hadn’t found me);
I saw a searing wind that burned the leaves off every thing,
and left nothing.

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