The Colorado River

sunset ski by behrfeet

The Colorado River

to the last moments of ecstasy
on the river’s swollen belly
the fishermen pull anchor
and troll home


the water skis come out
the boats’ll cut that water
pulling skiers in a splashing frenzy
coiling their wake in a whipping froth
of foam and spray

the din
of youth clamors
and rains like wild dogs
on their idyl

cutting the water’s stillness
with the primitive cacophony
of boat splash and roar
in a gloriously
wild ride
to freedom

they ride the sun to its zenith
and follow it down to day’s end—
and one more endless summer
night on the beach


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        • You’re right. I tired of the repetition in the series title and decided to go with the section title instead. I wasn’t aware that steam plant chronicles showed up. I used that a couple of years ago when I first posted these. You made a good observation. Seeing it written by someone else gives it a different bent.

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