The Pneumatic Steampunk Doorway – from the Belly of the Beast



from the Belly of the Beast

at the steam plant
we don’t walk, we run!
when the unit lets out a bellow
like a Polynesian fire-idol screaming
for virgin sacrifice threatening volcanic
annihilation of the natives who—half-naked
with fear—try to appease the beast

“We fix-um! We fix-um!” they plead and scream
scurrying about in a witless ritual
attempting every known device
and operation that might
bring the creature
back to reason

fumbling with wrenches
running up and down ladders
“It’s hot! It’s hot!” they shriek
handling joints and sockets
super heated to an enormous
flesh shriveling degree

gang-bosses yell “Heave. Push.
Heave!” Flames spitting from their
teeth and sixteen-pound sledgehammer
hands coaxing a little more just a little more
from the poor natives who only came to work
at this god-forsaken place because they thought life
would be so much better living beneath
the shade of a live volcano!


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