On the Road to Satori – Rodrigo

this is where I met Rodrigo
the born-again angel
of the Texas road

just inside San Antonio
the long auburn-haired
short-stance little gnome
of the largest man I ever met
who stopped and picked me up

he took me to meet his wife and kids
at his home where hitchhikers were welcome
to rest from their weary travels

he expected nothing in return
all due to his kind heart
and love of Jesus

after I explained how I
broke my guitar hopping off a train
at the El Paso freight yard: I’d have fallen to my
death if not for that Gibson

he told me of handmade guitars in Mexico
emblazoned with fine fretwork
rosettes of chipped abalone
all for a few dollars
then gave me the money
to go to Nuevo Laredo and get one


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  2. Hope you don’t mind me commenting about my story but I see that we both had the honor of meeting truly beautiful people. When I “ran away” I was living on peanut butter crackers. I was so hungry one day I went into a restaurant in Vega, TX and ordered a sandwich. The waitress not only tore up the check, she brought me out a huge bag of sandwiches, lemonade, and side dishes to take on my drive back to the East Coast. I began to cry and asked why she did that. She said she had to work every day and she had the choice to be nasty to people or kind and kindness was the perfect fit for her. I never forgot her and on bad days, think of her actions and try to emulate them. I am so glad you also had contact with one whose kindness was the perfect fit.

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    • The Milk of Human Kindness is most obvious when we’re in need. I found it everywhere I traveled. Texas, nowadays, gets a bad rap because of its politics, but I’ve met some of the nicest people there.

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