The Pneumatic Steampunk Doorway – Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail


Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail

nighttime has fallen on the sleepy metropolis
the inhabitants are lulled by the roar
and rumble of the electric factory

under steel girders
and condensers
an occasional mechanic stirs
a technician kicks over and yawns
…night is at hand

“Mommy, mommy
who was that masked man?” the children cry
as they watch their father ride into the ether to meet
who knows what Further Adventures
on the Mojave Trail?

back in Cow Rock
the sleeping metropolis dreams
unaware of the creeping loathsome
black-lung that approaches

so what else is new?
“Nothing,” he says—over a
steaming hot cup of coffee
an overnight headache
and a yawn

…all is quiet
the steam plant is at peace


4 responses

    • This is a problem I’ve had with this, and why I’m sending it out on my blog, to see how it works. These intro poems are scenes of the electric plant juxtaposed against the river resort community. The climb up the mountain is only connected by Ortíz’ being a coworker of the narrator at the plant. It might make sense chronologically, but I suppose they are two different stories. Thanks for the feedback. On another topic: I see you’ve posted your latest installment. I’m looking forward to reading it later today.

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