The Pneumatic Steampunk Doorway – Notes from the Graveyard

steampunk dragon door environment by falconssj

Notes from the Graveyard

there’s a wonderful feeling
one gets while running on idle
through the A.M.

a light-headed
floating feeling; at peace
with one’s surroundings

the quiet mouse foraging
behind shelves and cabinets
peering as two long legs
dangle from the swivel-back chair
spinning its legs in high gear in a slipping
sliding mad dash across the aisle-way

…the soft cascade
of cooled air billowing
from the evaporators

the intermittent clink
and jangle of a machinist’s

the steady
of the turbines
as they suck steam
and fry their output lines
eating up copper conductors and relays
boosting to switch-yard transmission lines

…on their way to the coast


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