Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail – Boundary Cone the Spirit Mountain


Boundary Cone the Spirit Mountain


the Quebrada family
fought against the gringos during the Spanish-American war
they lost all their land in the outcome

despite the resentment
los Quebrada held against the gringos
Ortíz remained optimistic

he left Mexico to pursue the North American dream
little did he realize his job at the steam plant would be the sum
of his New World achievements; and that, one of constant short-changes in salary and privileges

when work permitted
he shared stories of quixotic adventures
he vowed true; in the foothills of the Black Mountains

one eerie tale was a mystical sort
in the heart of a crag the Mohave Indians called Spirit Mountain:
known to European settlers simply as the Boundary Cone
used by the local  farmers to survey the division
between the Mesa and the river sloughs

the sagebrush lined washes and escarpments
rose to a large point where the rhino horn-shaped rock met the sky
transported by the silhouette of the peak
I became mesmerized

what adventures could one have on this barren hill?


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