Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail – ’49 Willys


’49 Willys


the ’49 Willys trailed a billow of dust
as it raced along the dirt road toward the cone
that rose from the alluvial plain
like the horn of a rhinoceros

with his eyes fixed in the distance
Ortíz clung to the Jeep’s canvas seat
and leaned into the oncoming wind
cornered the vehicle
into the dry wash
and sent sand flying

he reached for a pair of binoculars
in a brown leather case at his side
eyes focused on the tip of  Boundary Cone

¡Alla! There it is!”
his breath excited

the Jeep crawled
in low gear
crushed rocks
under its wheels
rising and falling
with the terrain

Ortíz’ eyes stayed fixed on the vision
at the top of Spirit Mountain


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    • The best way is to open the item The Pneumatic Doorway under Menu at the top of my blog, or if your on a computer, find the topic in the top banner under the blog title. Scroll down to the very first episode Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail – Yellow Days at the bottom of the page. Here’s a link:
      You’ll have to go through them backwards. They’re in order by date they were posted. Let me know how it works for you. I’m planning to re-sort them once the series is finished, so they’ll start at the top of the page, but since you asked…. There are 12 episodes so far. Have fun!

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