Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail – A Cosmic Flag


A Cosmic Flag

Ortíz  subconsciously tools the truck along the wash as it crawls
over rocks and boulders struggling to keep it from steering into the sand
“¿Que sea esto? What is this?” his thoughts ricochet off every test of logic
he can put to the phenomena

the mountain has ripped a deep gash into the sky
the blackness deepens with each passing moment
its tip sends a shower of white sparks streaming into space

the jeep’s front wheels dive into a gully; sinking to the hubs
Ortíz sails into the air and lands in a bramble of greasewood
the tires continue to spin slowly in the sand
—the engine groans

extracting himself from the thorns he scrambles to his feet
presses the binoculars against his face
his eyes widen once more
it is still there!

the dark bluish gape in the sky intensifies with each flap
it furls and unfurls like a flag fluttering in the wind
¡Es tremendo! This is too much.” he has to get to the top
he has to find out what this is


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