Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail – The Sage


The Sage


it was a hot day in August, as I recall
the thermometer measured one-hundred and twenty-two degrees
a day this hot was not unusual for the Mojave; but the temperature is not the important thing
it is the events that occurred in this atmosphere of heat and dust that interests
for it was an atmosphere ripe with implication—
an atmosphere that lends a measure of truth
to the story I am about to tell

a hawk circles overhead

the hot breeze evaporates
the dampness of the red
bandanna cooling
the skin on Ortíz’ neck
—he conjures the image
of an old and wizened sage
on a quest

the shadow of the sun stretches
the silhouettes of cactus and mesquite
in an ancient dance across the desert floor

pushing back his straw hat Ortíz brushes
the sweat from his brow
Hoy,” he whispers under his breath, offering a silent prayer
“¡Ojala! llego al cima del cerro. 
Today, I will scale this mountain. I hope!”
he shrugs and begins the climb


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    • Thanks! I’ve heard it called something, but can’t remember what, having to do with 3rd person written in present tense, as in the action in script writing. I made a decision to stay with it, as it can be awkward, but it was how I originally wrote it, so I needed it to stay true to the feel of the story—telling it as it happens.

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