Further! Adventures on the Mojave Trail – The Blackness of Space


spacedudeblues by karakchan


The Blackness of Space


after much sweat and toil
Ortíz reaches the top
the hawk is gone

the desert opens to a panorama
the river cuts through verdant fields
the Mesa rises to the mountains
scrub brush dot the alluvial plains in a carpet
of sparse and sun charred driftwood

the wind picks up
a darkening cloud forms from the moisture of the irrigated fields below
a gust stirs up from the Mesa blowing a grit of sand across his face

on the peak
Ortíz’ world transforms into darkness
without warning bluish streaks of lightning arch above his head

cra-ckkk! thunder splits the sky
the tip of the mountain rises in a sudden movement of earth and rock
and rips a gash in the sky like the one from the day before
a rushing shower of icy sparks stream from the rip in a frenzy

Ortíz hunches low to the ground in fear
a sudden wind funnels into a rising vortex
he feels the pull of vacuum
lifting him up up up
into the dense sky

the screech of the wind forces a blood-curdling scream from his lips
“Ahh-i-eeeyh!” an uncontrollable flood of panic takes over him
his arms flail furiously

the last thing Ortíz remembers is seeing stars
bright against the blackness of space


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