AshiAkira – Haiku Poems

I will be taking a short break from here. I need to recharge. It’s been great reading everyone’s comments and the support I’ve gotten from your “Likes”. I want to continue making daily posts and will try to produce them for an extended period when I’m back. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some new material, but if not, I’ve got a few years worth of work up my sleeve.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying my new teapot and a book of Haiku Poems by my friend AshiAkira, who lives in Japan. At 70 years old, he continues to write in the true Haiku style. Because he has written them in English, his second language, he insists they are not pure Haiku, but Haiku Poems. Hence the title of the book. In my opinion they are as insightful as any Haiku I’ve yet to read.

Read this book. It is true Haiku (unlike my cultural appropriation of the form). In the original English written by the Japanese master himself—no translation necessary.

Haiku Poems by AshiAkira @ Amazon

also Follow his blog at: AshiAkira @


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  1. Wow! Thank you. I’m really encouraged. Encouraged enough to put out my next book. And thank for introducing me as a person younger than I actually am. I’ll be turning eighty net year. :)

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  2. Pablo, you will be most sorely missed as your deep and kind comments are a treasure as are every one of your posts. I wish you all blessings and peace during your break and let your spirit re-charge.
    Love you breakfast tray with the beautiful Poem book by AshiAkira. So harmonious.
    My tray is of carved wood with similar content.:)
    Be well my friend and may birds of peace travel with you

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