The Blurred Vision of My Eyelashless Self

A poem I found in a lost notebook from 1998. Deep in meditation while taking  a Zen class, the Tao’s influence is evident in these thoughts.


the blurred vision
of my Eyelashless self


a part of the park
I’ve never seen!

from the Gazebo
past the stone steps
of the walkway

a secluded row of purple Azalea
border the stone wall that rounds a meadow
to the right

a soft slope
the blurred vision
of my eyelashless self sees

the bending
and winding twists
of tree limb and trunk

branches of bright yellow
Sugar Maple in its cycle of death to rebirth
—the Fall

soft green Juniper in the foreground;
Dwarf White Pine and Japanese Laurel
roll down to a flaming Elm

as passing cars hide
behind an Austrian Pine
on the street below


8 responses

    • I don’t really know. I may have been referring to an open clear-eyed spiritual view. I wrote it so long ago, I was surprised by my choice of words, but there they were, unmistakably- eyelashless (one word) – in the original.

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  1. Your descriptions of your surrounding made me think of clear vision, mind uninhibited thus eyelashless self. It doesn’t hurt that at the time of writing this, I am listening to Indian music as a backdrop to your words.

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