Ayurveda – A Cycle of Death and Rebirth


“At Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania a researcher watched two adult male Chimpanzees separately climb to the top of a ridge at sunset. There they noticed and greeted each other, clasped hands, sat down together and watched the sun descend.”  

Carl Safina – Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel


Life Begins

in the fertile Delta
where the Krishna and Kaveri
water the jungles of India

forms new organisms

cremation releases
airborne elements; molecules
return to earth with the rain

what falls in water
becomes components of the sea
the Mother River Ganges

(Oh, to see Earth
through the eyes
of a billion life-forms, reborn)

Thanks to Abbie’s Tree House for suggesting Carl Safina’s book


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    • A fantastic view into the idea, though it may be unpopular in mainstream science, that animals are sentient creatures having consciousness, not just a mass of biological functions driven by instinct.

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