Floating over the Stream

Floating over the Stream

“The lotus flower imagery points to this quality of the bodhisattvas. The lotus symbolizes the bodhisattva who is rooted in the earthly mud and yet flowers above the water in the open air of enlightenment.”

Gene Reeves, trans. – The Lotus Sutra: A Contemporary Translation of a Buddhist Classic

imagine the body
levitated in Lotus position
over the Stream of Consciousness

the chatter flows untamed
below; like fish in the current
neither reigned-in nor controlled

become Master
over the “illusion”
instead of fixed in it

“No, no, no, no, He’s outside looking in.” The Moody Blues – Legend of a Mind


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  1. i read somewhere that the lotus contains (or was believed to contain?) all its incarnations to come beneath the water, strung to it so that when one dies another is ready to take its place, no doubt another of the reasons for it being the flower of religions that have reincarnation lodged in them. The root is used in Korean cuisine & is delicious, they also steam rice in the leaf, sometimes, which perfumes the rice. It is really delicious, but it is extremely difficult to cultivate masses of the leaves, so it isn’t a commonly found technique, restaurants that serve a temple style menu, usually do this.

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