Through the Eye of the Needle – Future Tense | Past Perfect

Future Tense | Past Perfect

the creak of the boats’ bows crunching against their moorings
the warm sun shining off waters that harbor dreams untold
on this day they seemed to shout to all the world of the
grandeur of the days of the ancient boatmen

I heard the surf and felt the wind from the raw sea
an allure that once sent men rushing to the day’s catch
an exhilaration unlike any we might ever hope to feel again
the tunnels that crossed the Atlantic made short work of that
fish farms and synthetic seafood had taken the bite out of the great sea
the “last frontier” we once called it

instead of exploring that undiscovered world
and conquering it; we simply bypassed it entirely
leaving it to its last service as an industrial sewer
its waters tinted by the algae of waste
a metaphoric greening; brought on by the dyes
of the world’s currencies leaching from the coffers
of exploitation; leaving the stench of refuse
where once wafted the scent of life

I grieved the incomprehensible loss; I mourned—
where I once too, sang the “Body Electric”; grappled
with the stark brutality of a science gone mad—
I  found myself wrestling with a different reality
—the violation of man’s inherent right to live as part of the earth
to sprout from its very fiber; to breathe the intoxicating air of vitality
now replaced by the sting of ozone and the harshness
of a vengeful sunlight that continuously robs us
of our essence; the sweet oil of our existence

-The Professor
(anno 2030)


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