Through the Eye of the Needle – The Cello


The Cello

his huge hands
were able to coax
the most delicate tones
from the instrument

he would take the cello to his bear-like form
and with a certain familiarity
slowly thrum the strings
testing their pitch
plucking at the lower register with deft fingertips
insuring the proper timbre

as he played
the sound filled the room
vibrating with a soothing warmth
that softened the damp chill
of  a rainy afternoon

with the exquisite theme
from a Beethoven string quartet
he would build to a frenzied crescendo
down to a soft diminuendo within seconds
and finish with a vibrato
that seemed to increase in length
with each harmonic trembling of the tone

the professor
prided himself grandly
on that ability to play

but now
lost in his twilight
he appeared all the more
grateful to me for the opportunity
to teach his craft


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