Liberation from the cycle of Samsara

feel pain
—life is a sea of suffering

accept this
as the natural state
before passing from Death/Rebirth
to release

  • “However much he concentrated upon his own mind to find its root and ground, he found only his own effort to concentrate. The evening before his awakening he simply “gave up,” relaxed his ascetic diet, and ate some nourishing food. Thereupon he felt at once that a profound change was coming over him. He sat beneath the tree, vowing never to rise until he had attained the supreme awakening, and—according to a tradition—sat all through the night until the first glimpse of the morning star suddenly provoked a state of perfect clarity and understanding. This was anuttara samyak sambodhi , “unexcelled, complete awakening,” liberation from maya and from the everlasting Round of birth-and-death (samsara), which goes on and on for as long as a man tries in any way whatsoever to grasp at his own life.” 

    Alan Watts – The Way of Zen 


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  1. I remember listening to Allan Watts years ago on the radio and being surprised at how prolific he was. He’s just as relevant today as he was then. And that voice always drew you in. Good post… jc

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    • I just was made aware of his videos on YouTube by danielpaulmarshall who called him ‘the spiritual entertainer’. It’s a good description, though I also find a serious side to his humor. I agree with you he’s a good storyteller.

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