The Carnival – Airplane Mahogany


Airplane Mahogany


children gather around the wagon
light from a power-pole illuminates the side panel
it reads:

Airplane Mahogany
The Greatest
Carnival On Earth

on the side of the van the words scroll in giant golden letters
on a swirling background of mountains
crystal peak snow-caps and shafts of light
on a carnival in a green valley

…quite a sight

“Look at those kids staring at an empty wagon
like it was full of something besides DREAMS!” Tin Horn shouts
over the noise of the carousel

“Step right up folks for the Most Horrifying Geek Show
in Human His to-reee!” a barker is calling in the marks

Orly bites the head off a chicken
spits it out into the crowd and parades on the platform
preening and flexing his muscles
he dances a two-step
and bows

the barker continues his call
“Nothing more horrible on the planet!
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Come watch this so-called human being
digest a live ALLIGATOR! IMPOSSIBLE, you say?
Come SEE FOR YOURSELVES! Step right up folks
for the Most Horrifying Geek Show
in Human His to-reee!”

the night fades

it is the next day—
Wally Orly Chewin’ The Fat and Tin Horn
watch the sun come up

“Break down those scaffolds!” the foreman yells
the wagon rolls by they hop on

“Let’s go before the morning EXPLODES!” cries Tin Horn
the driver turns and looks at him over his shoulder

“Giddyap!” he c-calls to the horses
…and off they go


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