The Carnival – Phantasmagoria



“Are you OK?” Wally is shaking Tin Horn
the driver is trying to ignore his rider’s jerking and kicking
in his sleep

“Aw he’s alright.
Just let him sleep it off” he sh-shrugs

Tin Horn shakes himself from the grips of the dream
“Where are we?” he looks around and tries to regain his composure
he growls to compensate for his show of weakness

Aren’t we there yet?”
he smacks the driver on the shoulder

“When will we be there?”
“Soon.” the cabbie flicks the whip ever so slightly for the lead horse
to step up the gait

all five men are rocking to the rhythm and sway of the wagon
as it ambles along a dirt road outside the halo of the city lights

in the distance—

there is a glow above the horizon
there must be a city just beyond the summit

as the wagon pulls over the crest of the hill
they come upon spotlights crisscrossing the night sky
and a Ferris wheel

a hubbub of excitement
sprawling across the landscape

it is a carnival

an illusion of lights and mirrors
gawking wildly in a swirling careening
idiotic phantasmagoria of mayhem
in the nocturnal countryside

the wagon stops inside the confines of a farmyard vivid with noise and excitement
strings of lights draped across creosote darkened electric poles
glow the night

the driver ties the horses and leaves; Tin Horn must fodder them
“See ya later!” Wally calls out running after Orly

Chew Lin stays behind
“What are you waiting for?” Tin Horn asks
“Just waiting for you.” Chewin’ shrugs
“I don’t know my way around.”
“I’ll be with you in a flash
I’ve just got to feed these beasts.”

the two walk the horses
to the livery

(To be continued…)


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    • Thanks, JC. It really needs to be read in a single sitting to get the full effect. This format limits the length of posts, since most of us follow many writers and bloggers. We’d never be able to read everything.


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