Beneath an August Moon – Chorus






It was not so long ago that I fell in love with you.
I didn’t realize I was entering a world of broken-heartache blues.

I was so young I couldn’t see
the fool I would become when you told me
“Love is like a flower, and must be picked
while it’s in bloom.”

I cried the nights away, and choked on misery,
while you went riding with your angel out of hell,
and away from me.

Oh, how could one man take so much pain;
and not end up scattered on the sidewalks
in the pouring rain?

I got the spontaneous heartbreak blues;
when you opened the door and handed me my shoes;
and an ear full of second thoughts
and sweet adieus…

I  got the spontaneous heartbreak blues;
and a barrel full of uncountable shoes;
with holes in the bottoms
from walking these riverside rues.

And so the story goes;
like all sad stories I suppose.
I could not see how one man’s dreams;
the facts could slap him in the face so cold.

I  ran up and down the streets calling out your name;
I stammered and stuttered and shuddered in shame;
and I climbed that bridge to the waters of escape,
but I knew it could only bring
tears of joy to you.

I  got the spontaneous heartbreak blues;
and I  shook my fist at that big yellow moon;
that hung like a bare light bulb,
above this August loon.


11 responses

    • It’s an important element in my poetry—there’s music in the phrasing of much of what I do. I’m a songwriter turned poet for lack of an audience—not their fault; I realized I was certifiable tone deaf and was very hard to listen to. Music just never worked for me, but I had so many songs to share. The ‘Chorus’, ‘Anthems’, ‘Reprises’ were originally written as lyrics, from which I worked very hard to remove repetitive rhyme and repeats. Thanks for getting that.

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  1. Oh yeah, I can definitely see this as a song. Or hear, I suppose. Either way, brilliant job. Tragic how things ended up, but ain’t that just the way it goes. Love and heartbreak come hand-in-hand, although it’s too bad things ended so ugly. Still, there’s beauty to be salvaged from that ugly, and you did a fine job of just that.

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