Quiet Nights on St. Tristan’s – How Good Does It Feel To Be Free?


How Good Does It Feel To Be Free?




the magnolias
were blooming
the house had a Victorian air

she with her Scottish accent
lent a flavor of realism
to the scene

your reverie
broken by a sound from the kitchen
"you guys hungry?"

home fries with butter and rosemary
flipping the skillet with the confidence
of a chef at the Tavern on the Green

you got into a conversation
about the song she'd been singing
on the lake

you picked through a pile of albums
cranked up the record player

"My friends from the prison
they ask onto me
how good
how good
does it feel to be free?

And I answer them
most mysteriously
—a bird is free
from the chains of the sky way"

Bob Dylan Ballad in Plain D

(To be left unfinished…)


8 responses

  1. Most mysteriously indeed! This ending/lack of an ending leaves me feeling quite content, no doubt partially thanks to the cosy scene you left us with. It says a lot about the continuity of life: there really are no endings, simply chapters concluding one after the next. Bravo.

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    • I originally intended to draw out from the original prose story that inspired these poems, but I realized it would be repetitious. So I ended it. I thought putting the little closure at the end would leave an opening for the reader’s imagination.

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