Quiet Nights on St. Tristan’s – Selfie – circa 1972


Selfie—circa 1972




he attended Wagner
his girlfriend Megan (she was cute)
used to visit and you’d play cards
all night

was a good friend too
sold you the hat you wore
those days

a French beret
he bought
in Paris

pulled down
over your forehead
like a cabby hat
you looked

a hip beatnik
a few days’
and your

you took a selfie
with Nick’s 35mm
black and white

Nick set the aperture, f-stop
you held the camera
at arm’s length

it was the best photo
you’d ever taken

one day
you’re going to ask
for a copy


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    • Just keeping up with the bloggers I follow on WordPress takes up most of my time. I read the first few pages of your book and found your writing style uniquely detailed and original. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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