A Sunset Falls—Live! on Califragile

A Sunset Falls Pablo Cuzco Vernal_Fall_Walter Siegmund

In these times when the Earth and humanity seem so breakable, as if they might break each other, we search for answers in the air. What’s our next move? What did I just see on the news? What does this moment demand of me? Poets interpret their screens, sing to nature, and admonish us our selfishness. Califragile is a portrait of turning, questioning, stretching, stepping up. Our name is a nod to our bioregion here in Northern California. But the fragile faultline we explore is planetwide and in each person. While we weren’t inspired by Mary Poppins, if she wanted to float down and help us straighten out the mess we’ve made, well, that would be quite a show!

Wren Tuatha, Califragile Editor

My poem A Sunset Falls, just went live on CalifragileThanks, Wren, for including me in this issue: Link

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