Pablo Cuzco

last day of harvest at the cloud farm


I was always interested in the principles of Zen through the writings of authors like Hesse, Huxley, Kerouac and the Beat Poets; and more recently Alan Watts. In the early 70’s, I traveled across the country with nothing but a backpack and a few dollars in my pocket, hopping boxcars and hitchhiking wherever the road or the rails would take me.

Without association to a Buddhist sect, I’m at a loss what to call my states of Satori—Zen? Buddhism? Yoga? Mindfulness? These are mere labels.

Intuitive enlightenment is the Buddha nature in all of us. We see it in the baseball pitcher who dusts his shoe with his glove then sends a beautiful curve ball across the plate; the worker who scrubs the floor while humming in contentment; the taxi driver who cuts through impossible traffic and tells his story without missing a turn, smiling and tooting his horn.

I attempt here to put into words a place it has taken me a lifetime of trial and error to get to, sharing this unique insight with those who travel the same road. I know nothing of tradition or sacred texts. I just happily meditate my way through life. Satori

Pablo Cuzco



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  1. Pablo, I really like your About page. Your take of enlightenment in all achievements rings so true with me too. Thank you.
    will study more of your Haiku.
    Thank you also for your follow of my blog. It makes me smile.

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  2. This is incredible and beautiful. I’m already hooked and I’ve only read your about page! Weird question, but have you ever read The Sky Manifest or Into the Wild? They’re two of my favourite books and I feel like you’d enjoy them.

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  3. Pablo,

    Thanks for the follow. I have a busy day ahead of me, so I only had time to read your “About” page. However, I know enough now to know I will be back for more as soon as I can. While I am bigger fan of Taoism, I certainly immersed myself enough in Eastern philosophy to have an appreciation for Buddhism as well…and of course, being a writer, I am fond of Kerouac and the other Beats too.


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