• Jackboots in Summer



    Jackboots in Summer


    jackboots came to Charlottesville this summer
    storm troopers in tribute to the KKK
    polo shirts, khakis and red hats
    worn like golfers at Mar-a-Lago
    marking the OK in tribute to their small hands

    we Americans pay homage to our enemies
    in this land of sovereignty
    let’s put up statues
    to Hirohito
    to fit nicely in our historic town squares

    and set model Kamikaze planes
    on display in Pearl Harbor to the memory
    of the steel-nerved men
    who gave their lives
    in devotion to
    an Emporer

    those who fought brother against brother
    for the sake of owning human chattel honor?
    while Germany fights to erase its history
    we revel in ours?

    Jews exterminated; Blacks
    taken captive: is this racial divide or genocide?
    you pick your side

  • Huracán – Hurricane Summer





    ¡Mira! mi Tierra
    ¡Mira! que te han hecho
    ¡Mira! que lagrimas de rabia lloran

    de tus ojos negros

    Look! at my Earth!
    Look! at what they’ve done to you!
    Look! at the enraged tears that cry
    from your blackened eyes

    The rage of Planet Earth; look at how they’ve hurt you.

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